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Pole Studio

Who We Are

Altius Pole Studio is a fully dedicated pole dance and fitness studio, located in Bend, OR. Our focus is on providing a comprehensive, safe and scaled pole journey for all. We  house eight 14ft poles, and one private studio with a flying pole/aerial point and another 14 foot pole.  We aim to create a welcoming and enriching space for all identities to discover parts of themselves through the movement of pole sport, fitness and dance.  With over twenty five classes a week, we offer pole classes for beginners all the way to advanced. 

At Altius, our focus is You & Pole. All of our instructors are certified with Nationally Accredited Certifications, come with years of experience and provide a wide array of knowledge. We take a very comprehensive and trauma informed approach in our pole classes and focus on providing safety, skill and fun all together. We believe that pole is hard, but worth it! Come experience pole with us at Altius to see what it is all about! We have classes catered to every level, with a scaled approach and offer workout classes that compliment your pole journey such as flexibility and strength training classes. 

What Clients Say

"So grateful for Altius and the wonderful pole community that owner Emily has built! So supportive, warm, and welcoming." - Haley

Contact Us


20370 Empire Ave

Suite C3

Bend OR 97703


Hours of Operation


Mon - Fri

8:30am - 9:00pm


9:30am - 12pm 


5:00pm - 8:00pm

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