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Altius Pole Studio is Bend's first and only dedicated pole sport and pole fitness studio focused on being a body inclusive and trauma informed space. We  house eight 14ft poles, and one private studio with a lyrapole and another 14 foot pole. Altius , its instructors and  Founder, Emily, aim to create a welcoming  and enriching space for all to discover parts of themselves through the movement of pole sport, fitness and dance.  With over twenty five classes a week, we offer pole classes for beginners all the way to advanced. We hope that you find your home here at Altius, and find joy, self worth and inner passion through moving, flying, and dancing. 

Founder  Emily has been an integral part of the pole community since starting her own journey in 2010. She found the ability to love herself and heal through pole and hopes to share that with all who enter. As a mom of two, she has found incredible joy and self-ownership through pole and hopes to bring together the community through Altius. All of our instructors here share the same values of an inclusive culture and are excited to share the love of pole with you. 

At Altius, we aim to associate ourselves with the top organizations and leaders in this industry to ensure you are receiving the best out there. For this reason, we are associated with the IPIA, we're a PSO associated studio, and all of our instructors have extensive experience, in house training and accredited certificatio, and have gone through training on providing a trauma informed approach.


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