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Class Descriptions

 Trick Based Classes 

Pole Foundations

Prerequisites: None

Our Beginner Level Class for first time students. Learn spins, transitions, floor work and prep for climbs & sits. No prerequisites requires for this class. Perfect class for first time instruction or if you need a little refresher. 

Pole Level 2

Prerequisites: Pole Sit from the floor, crucifix,1-2 pole climbs, Hold 2 spins consecutively. 

Ready to start taking your journey up the pole? Learn sit variations, climbs and all tricks upright. Prep for inverting will happen in this class. You will learn moves such as Jasmine, Genie, Pole sit and climb variations and more. 

Pole Level 3

Prerequisites: Climb Up to top of Pole, Jasmine, Genie prepping for inverts/can hold chopper

Ready to learn inverts and leg hangs? You'll learn a proper invert and intermediate level inverted and upright tricks in this class. Learn moves such as scorpio, gemini, butterfly, reiko split and more. 

Pole Level  3/4

Prerequisites: Jade Split, extended butterfly, shoulder-mounts, aerial inverts

The most advanced class that we offer here at Altius. This class focuses on building harder more difficult tricks and combinations that will challenge you. We will work on and discover different methods and entries into all handsprings and ayeshas, work on two point of contact moves, tumble downs, drops, flips and flexibility based moves. Recommended to have at least one year of pole experience and have your aerial invert and shouldermount, extended butterfly, inverted D and both legs hangs and torso switches. 

 Choreo Classes 

Power Heels (Level 2+)

Prerequisites: Pole Level 2 

Ready for heel clacks, smacks, and a little attitude? In Power Heels we will turn up the beat a knotch and get down and dirty to some hard hitters. We'll work on techniques like shoulder rolls, intros to kips and more. Heels and kneepads required for this class. 

Down N Dirty

Prerequisites: Two Pole Foundations Classes. 

In this class we bring it down and we make it dirty. This class will require heels and knee pads as you learn a routine to music that will involve slinks, slips, hips and floor work combined with pole moves. 18+ class. 

Pole Choreo & Flow

Prerequisites: At least 3 Pole Foundations Classes

Get ready to start learning how to combine spins, moves and flow all into one choreographed routine. This class is perfect for those who love the dance and flow element of pole but want to experience it outside of our Down N Dirty class. No experience necessary, though a few Pole Foundations classes will help. This is a multi-level class and options will be available for more advanced students. 

 Specialty Classes 

Intro to Spin Pole (L evel 1 & 2)

Prerequisites: 1-2 Pole Foundations Classes

The idea of spin mode on pole make you want to vomit a little bit? This class will let you dip your toes into the world of spin pole to learn the fundamentals of spin mode. We will work on building grip strength, neuro endurance, spin endurance and how to flow seamlessly while spinning.  This class is perfect for beginners to intermediate or those who rock the static pole and want to learn more about spin. 

Spin Pole (L evel 2 & 3)

Prerequisites: Genie, Jasmine, Extended Jasmine, Full Pole Climb, Juliette Spin, Chair Spin, Can hold 2-3 spins consecutively on Spin Pole, prep for inverts or inverting strongly recommended

This class is for those who have a basic grasp of spin pole plus a bit of experience either with pole climbs, pole sits or basic pole tricks up to level 3+. This is a mixed level class aimed at creating spin pole combos that start at a lower level 2 and will build up from there getting more difficult as the combinations continue. 

Sunday Solace

Whether you’re winding down after the weekend or preparing yourself for the week ahead, Sunday Night Solace with Savvy will offer a serene environment to help you cultivate a peaceful headspace.   Focus on yourself as you stretch, learn graceful pole moves and transitions, and release your stress through pole flow.  All levels welcome! 

Trending Tricks

Prerequisite: At least 3-5 Pole Foundations Classes

This is an all levels class (not for complete beginner) that focuses on all the trending tricks and transitions that are making its way through social media! We will learn different tricks and approach them from all levels of pole on and off the floor as we learn different ins and outs of each one. We highly encourage you to come to class with some moves you are just dying to try! 

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