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Don't Put Your Moves on a Pedestal

We've all been there. We see a move either on social media, or something that your friend posted. Or maybe a new member of the studio got a move you have been after for several months. We place these big moves on a giant pedestal, telling ourselves that IF we get this move, then maybe we are worth something, or that move makes us a REAL poler.

And then you find another move, and that move becomes your pedestal move. Rinse and repeat.

Well, I am here to tell you that you are an amazing poler if you never invert, if you never handspring, if you never climb, if you never enjoy spin pole. Literally your journey is up to you and you do NOT have to meet these bench marks to be a "good" poler.

A good poler is someone who shows up for themselves, who doesn't let their ego get in the way. Someone who is not afraid to fail and fail and fail and try over and over again. A good poler is someone who knows when to stop working on a trick to ensure they are safe.

A good poler is someone who shows up and does the damn thing. You are a good poler.

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