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Founder/ Pole Instructor

Emily first fell in love with the art of Pole Dance and Fitness when she attended her first class in California while in college in 2010. Originally aiming to work for NASA, she quickly changed careers to pursue a life of health and fitness after attending her first pole class. 

Entering the fitness workforce she aimed to immerse herself in the academics of kinesiology, physiology and anatomy and how best to train ones body for individual goals. One of the biggest parts of Emily's teachings is that every body is different, has different needs and moves differently. She is certified as a Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Pre & Post Natal Specialist, Functional Fitness Specialist and Pole Fitness Instructor. 

After having two kids back to back (16 months apart!) and re-entering pole dance and fitness, Emily became more passionate about opening a Pole Studio that reflected all that she had believed in during her time as a Pole Instructor and Fitness Specialist. She believes that Pole not only is for everyone and every BODY, but that it is a means of self-expression, self-love, self discovery and truly a way to express and let go of ones self. 

At Altius, she wants everyone to feel safe, included, and important. She strives to create and grow a community of people who fall in love with the sport, find healing, and grow. 


2020 PSO Virgo Dramatic - 2nd Place 

2020 PSO Aries Championship  - 3rd Place

2022 PSO Sagittarius Championship - 3rd Place

2023 PSO Northwest Entertainment - 2nd Place


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Xpert Pole Instructor 1-4

PoleandAerial Instructor

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