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Pole Instructor

Nicole has always believed pole is a way to celebrate, explore and expand what our bodies are capable of, and a way to use movement as a form of self-expression, freedom and connection to ourselves. She started her pole journey in San Diego in 2016, initially falling in love with choreography - as reminded her of her childhood, choreographing dances to Paula Abdul and Madonna -  before moving on to tricks and diving into other circus-style arts, including lyra, handstands and acroyoga. Empowering people to understand and connect to their bodies has always been at the forefront of her life - with a career as a Women's Hormone Coach - and she always looks forward to any opportunity to connect and support her community. Besides aerial arts, she spends as much time outside as possible hiking, camping, snowboarding and paddling (often with her adventure cat Stella in tow) and has a deep passion for seeing live music. 

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