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About us...

Altius Pole Studio was created with community in mind. Pole inherently is a vulnerable sport, and one that can take some courage to start. We know that, as instructors and members of the pole community for over a decade, we are here to create a positive, enriching, safe, trauma informed and inclusive environment and to create an emotionally safe space for you to begin or continue your pole journey. 


Pole gives you space to learn, own, and appreciate your body and it's capabilities, and it is a strong opinion of the owner Emily that pole teaches you to believe in and be proud of yourself. There is no right or wrong in how you move, and no perfect way to express yourself with the art of movement. 


That is why Altius was created. 


At Altius, we offer a multitude of different classes and styles of Pole Dance and Sport that will cater to all levels. We have classes that range from dance, to heel work, to sport and everything in between. Our focus is on building community, encouraging safe exploration of movement, and promoting each other in our own personal Pole journeys. 


We are excited to have you join us and dance with us.  

We offer over twenty-five classes a week. If this is your first time coming to a pole class, we recommend not wearing lotion the day of your class as it prevents you from grabbing/sticking on to the pole. Please come wearing appropriate workout attire including a sports bra/tank top and workout shorts. If you are beginner shorts that hit the knee are fine, but you'll soon discover the more skin you have available, the better for pole! 

For our Down N' Dirty classes, heels are not mandatory, but recommended. If you decide to wear heels, please bring appropriate Pole Dancing Heels such as Ellie or Pleasers. We can help you find some if you need them! Kneepads are highly recommended as well. 

If you have any questions in regards to membership, hours or class offerings, please reach out to 

At Altius You will Get...

Personalized and Dedicated Small Class Sizes

Affordable Pricing Options

A clean, well lit studio and a pole for every person

Access to Knowledgeable, Caring, and Certified Instructors

Trauma Informed Instruction

A safe, clean, and private space to learn pole dancing

A community of like minded people 

Access to over 20 classes per week

Access to several Famous Instructor Workshops

Soft & Natural Lighting

Commercially Graded Xpoles that are checked 2x per week

Clean Towels, Private Bathroom, Snacks and More

How we're keeping clean...

At Altius, your health and wellbeing are important to us. For that reason, between every class we are spraying the room and our equipment with our HOCl solutions to kill bacteria and viruses including Covid. Our solution is all natural, safe and hospital grade. 

In addition we will be making extra precautions by asking you to bring your own water bottle, towel and mat if needed for class. 

If you have any questions about how we are keeping clean, please reach out to us. 

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