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Shannon is an elite level pole dancer who competes and performs at the regional, national, and international level.  She was on the Oregon State and University of Idaho Gymnastics teams.  She has a strong dance background in Ballet and Jazz, but has also studied Belly, Hoop, Exotic, and Contemporary dance styles.

Her biggest pole accomplishment is placing 3rd in WPSF’s Female Masters 40+ in Artistic Pole.  She was nominated as one of International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) Female Athlete of the year for 2019.  She is currently a member of  IPSF’s Athlete’s Council.  She is also a member of US Pole Sport Federation's (USPSF) Team USA and has qualified to compete in Italy and the Ukraine in 2021.  She has competed and judged for Pole Sport Organization (PSO) competitions and has won several titles in different categories.  She is an accomplished flying trapeze artist and is a remote member of the Aerial Lab circus crew performing mainly on Lyra and Aerial Pole.  She has participated in Northern California Pole Presentational (NCPP) nearly every year since its inception.  She is currently a member of mObscene and Wicked Wonderland online variety shows.


She has taught pole for three years to countless beginners as well as intermediate students.  Additionally, she has given workshops on Lyra, Chair and Floor, Hoop Dance, and taught gymnastics for youngsters.  She loves sharing her joy of movement and feels it is important to keep moving despite one's age or abilities. 


USPSF Sport Grand Master 50+ 1st place-2020
WPSF Art Masters 40+ 3rd place- 2019
WPSF Sport Grand Master 50+ 5th place-2019
APL Sport Grand Master 50+ 1st place-2019
APL Artistic Grand Masters 40+ 1st place-2019
PSO NW Exotic Grand Masters 1st place-2019
USPSF Sport Grand Masters Nationals 2nd place-2019
POSA Sport Grand Masters Worlds 4th place-2019
PSO Emerald Championship Grand Master/Masters  1st place-2019
PSO Championship Golden Gate Grand Masters/Masters  1st place-2018
APL Sport Pro Division Grand Masters  1st place-2018

PSO Championship Golden Gate Masters/Grand Masters 2nd place-2017

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