Studio Policies

What to wear to class

While the more skin you have showing the better grip you will have, you do not need to wear anything you are not comfortable with for your first class. We suggest wearing athletic attire such as running shorts or spandex shorts (leggings ok but not recommended), a sports bra and a comfortable top. During class you will be barefoot or can wear socks. It is advised not to wear lotion or oils the day of your class and to remove all jewelry. 

Recording during class

Yes, you may record yourself during any point of the class. The only thing we ask is to make sure that if others are in frame of your video that you ask their permission before recording. 

Late arrival policy

If you are more than 15 minutes late to class you will not be permitted to attend the class. 

Cancellation policy

Classes may be cancelled up to 12 hours prior to class to avoid cancellation penalty of $8. If you cancel or no show a class, the class will be removed from you pack purchase or a $8 cancel/late fee will be charged with your unlimited membership for taking the spot. 

If you were moved up from the waitlist for a class and cannot make it you will not endure a penalty or lose the class. 


We have a maximum of two weeks you can sign up for classes from todays current date.  

All requests for cancellations on memberships will have a 7 day processing time