New Student FAQ

What should I wear to my first class?

While the more skin you have showing the better grip you will have, you do not need to wear anything you are not comfortable with for your first class. We suggest wearing athletic attire such as running shorts or spandex shorts (leggings ok but not recommended), a sports bra and a comfortable top. During class you will be barefoot or can wear socks. It is advised not to wear lotion or oils the day of your class and to remove all jewelry. 

What will we do in class?

Depending on the class you sign up for, the theme for each will be different. However, each class will have at least a 10 minute warm up, 40-45 minutes of instruction plus a cool down. 

I dont feel strong, have flexibility or upper body strength... should I still come?

YES!!! ABSOLUTELY YOU SHOULD COME. Upper body strength and flexibility are not required at ALL for your first class, let alone the first part of your pole journey. You will build both by coming to class. 

Does pole dancing hurt?
What should I do for grip strength?

Yes, and no. At first the pole can hurt and irritate the skin while you build what we call "pole skin". Over time the pain does lessen and you will not feel it anymore. This does take time and will eventually happen for everyone. 

Many people find it difficult to grab and hold on to the pole at first. That is totally okay. There are a few options for you. In studio we sell liquid grip aid for you to use on the pole and yourself. You can also purchase grip gloves, grip ankle socks, even grip pants!

Can I record myself during class?

Yes, you may record yourself during any point of the class. The only thing we ask is to make sure that if others are in frame of your video that you ask their permission before recording.