Upcoming Events

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Marlo Fisken workshops
June 15th

Legggy Low Flow Tricks: Have you ever seen hypnotic, acrobatic low flow leg work and thought, 'That is cool but, what is even happening there?!'
No matter your current leg mobility (no splits, no problem!), after this class you will know the secrets behind endless leg swirls.
(Includes handstands and grounded inversions)

Seamless Static:Have you ever been watching spin pole movement, and gasped when you realized...
it's not the pole turning, it's the dancer's unfathomable ease of movement in the air?
In this class, you will learn the must-know foundations of relaxed, spiraling movement so you can make being in the air look effortless.
(All levels—no inversions)


Floor Flow: Explore spinally initiated floor movement. Learn to transform familiar patterns into something more serpentine and circular. All levels. 90 minutes. 

Leggy Low Flow (4pm)
Seamless Static rotations(545pm)
floor flow find the wave (730pm)


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Xpert teacher training (1&2)
June 11-12th

XPERT Pole Fitness 1&2 was our first released program and has been developed over the years to what it is today. As our leading beginner/intermediate teacher training program the 1&2 covers all you need to know to teach a safe and effective beginner/intermediate class. This training has a heavy focus on spotting and lesson planning, working through each move individually to understand each movement being taught including muscles, movement, progressions, regressions, variations, common mistakes and spotting if needed.