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Emily M.

Pole Instructor

When I am not doing pole or working, I am usually spending time with my husband and toddler. We love riding bikes and hiking to see the beautiful views that Central Oregon has to offer, and if we aren’t outside we can be found cooking or baking something fun in the kitchen! I became interested in pole when I started seeing videos pop up on my Instagram feed of these stunning shapes and moves being performed on the pole. I never imagined I would be able to do what they were doing. Then I took a chance and decided to try a class here at Altius and I immediately fell in love. I could feel myself getting stronger and more confident with every class. Now I want to use the knowledge and skills that I’ve learned through training and becoming an X-Pert level 1 & 2 certified instructor, to help people see their potential, meet their goals, and to show them that they can do it too!!

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